Dyno services

Dyno services

When you first purchased your new motorcycle, your engine's computer is already tuned to work with the components that came with it. It's was factory perfect.. Right out of the box on Christmas morning. But when you begin modifications and upgrades, such as pipes or air cleaners your engine is no longer optimized; the computer map is no longer calibrated to the upgrades on your bike, and you need a new map to balance it out. This is what dyno testing is all about. If your motorcycle has a new exhaust system, high-performance air filter, or other more exotic engine modifications, you will greatly benefit from having fuel delivery and ignition timing that matches the engine's new characteristics.

So if you're ready... Really ready, then come see us at Harley-Davidson® of Washington, DC

Laurence 'Beul' Beulah Performance Specialist & Expert Turner Engine Builder

With over 35 years of repair and building with Harley-Davidson® and countless hours perfecting the Dyno tuning process, Beul is #1 in the field.

Specializing in high performance engines and customization he can optimize and tune your bike to its peak of efficiency and power.

Laurence BEUL Beulah, our resident performance expert employs the most cutting-edge technology available to do just that. By measuring torque, horsepower, engine RPM and the air/fuel ratio for your motorcycle, BEUL creates custom air/fuel and ignition maps that will match your motorcycle's engine configuration. While many aftermarket electronic fuel injection (EFI) controllers come with a "base" fuel map for your year, make and model of bike, no two engines are alike, and power tuning with the engine under load on a dynamometer is the only way to ensure optimum performance. Dyno tuning your motorcycle will offer smoother running, better roll-on acceleration, more power and additional fuel economy Harley-Davidson® of Washington, DC specializes in tuning and modifying Dynojet's Vision, the Screamin' Eagle Super Tuner, Harley-Davidson® Race Tuner, Direct Link EFI Systems and Thundermax.

The Dynamometer

A Dynamometer or "dyno" for short, is a device for measuring force, torque, or power.

The Dynojet 250i continues the Dynojet tradition of providing a reliable, repeatable, consistent and easy to use chassis Dyno for a quick and accurate diagnosing of performance problems. HDDC we have a fully functioning Dynojet Model 250i Dynamometer at our disposal to meet all your tuning needs. Our Dyno has an Eddy Brake for placing a proper load on your motorcycle while tuning as well as an Air / Fuel Ratio Monitor for more accurate tuning. Located outside of our service department, you can watch your bike being dynode and talk about it after it is done. We encourage your involvement and want you to understand the art of the Dyno.



Noise-cancellation dyno room with cutting-edge computer software to modify motorcycle EFI control units.

Top-notch sales, service and installation of aftermarket performance parts and accessories.

Harley-Davidson® of Washington, DC only does fuel injection and carburetion. So you get the service and know-how of a specialist.


  1. Customer must insure that the fluids are at proper levels (we will usually check but not mandatory).
  2. Drive train must be secure. If your bolt or clutch is loose and we need to stop and adjust it and properly inflate tires. These adjustments will be done at shop rate.
  3. Vehicle must be clean. Again if there is an abundance of mud or debris on the quad or motorcycle we will charge shop rate to clean it.
Note: We do not dyno a motor that has not reached end of the break-in period (1000 mile)





Dyno Services We Offer

Standard Horsepower and Torque runs: We do about 3 pulls with your bike on our dyno to measure the max horsepower and torque. (1 hour)

Carburetor Tuning: This involves tuning your carb by replacing jets if necessary and measuring horsepower / torque. (2 or more hours)

Harley-Davidson® Pro Super Tuner or Dynojet installation ( pre-made MAP): This involves installing a fuel delivery modification device like the Pro Super Tuner or EFI Mapping on your bike along with a pre-calibrated tuning MAP. This does not include custom tuning. Includes horsepower and torque measurements. (2 hours)

Harley-Davidson® Pro Super Tuner or Dynojet Power Commander installation ( Custom MAP): Involves installing a fuel delivery modification device like the Pro Super Tuner on your bike along with creating a custom MAP. This requires many hours and is more costly than having a pre-made MAP installed. Includes runs for horsepower and torque measurements. (at least 4 hours depending on your combination)

Dyno Rates

Tuning Sessions are based on $135 per hour flat rate, prices below reflect what a customer can expect for general cost.

If tuning time is purchased we do offer 4 straight hours for $472.50

Tuning time includes dyno operator, the use of our shop tools, and tuning or tuning assistance.

General HP Runs

no tuning, you will get a graph with data for your own reference. (We will offer advice on tuning.) $200

Baseline Dynamometer Run

Checks for air/fuel ratio, torque and horsepower for your current engine configuration. In addition, recommendations for engine performance enhancements are provided. $200 and up

Custom EFI Fuel Maps

Includes installation of tuning products and required dyno runs as needed. All fuel maps are guaranteed for 1 year. Any changes to the engine will be remapped for half the initial cost. $540 and up

Motorcycle Tune

(Run consists of usually 3 pulls or whatever it takes to gather enough data to be consistent.) 3 for $200

Carburetor Adjustments:

(shop rate) Includes additional dyno runs as required. $135 per hour


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